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Gamma-ray Spectrometric Analysis Of Fly-ash Samples Of Coal Fired Power Plants
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.635-638  
Ashutosh Pathak, Archana Sharma, Brijesh Pathak, S.Pathak
Suratgarh super thermal power station, Suratgarh and Guru Nanak thermal power station, Bathinda are the two potential sites selected for the study of radionuclides in fly ash samples by ?-ray spectrometer. The activities of Cs-137, K-40, Ra-226 and Th-232, ( in Bq/Kg.) are 17.8, 98.8, 29.1 and 120.9 respectively for Suratgarh thermal power plant and 25.7, 96.6, 25.0 and 123.2 respectively for Bathinda power plant.
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