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Effects of Variable Fluid Properties and Viscous Dissipation on Mixed Convection Fluid Flow past a Vertical Plate in Porous Medium
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Porous medium, variable permeability, thermal conductivity, viscosity, viscous dissipation,vertical plate.
In the present work, free and forced convection boundary layer flow of an incompressible and viscous dissipative fluid with variable thermal conductivity and temperature dependent viscosity past a an isothermal vertical plate is investigated. The convective flow is taking place in such a porous medium whose permeability is assumed to be spatially variable. The convective flow is due to two factors which influence the flow simultaneously- (1) free stream along the plate and (2) the buoyancy force caused by the variations in density due to temperature difference. The governing equations for the the boundary layer flow are converted into to a system of coupled ordinary differential equations by using suitable similarity transformations. These equations are solved numerically and effects of Grashof number, Eckert number and permeability parameter on the velocity and temperature are discussed and presented graphically
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