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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
Economics of Continuous R.C.C. Beams Vis-à-vis Continuous Pre-stressed Concrete Beams
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.426-432  
A.R.Mundhada, Mohammad Shahezad
Beams, Continuous, Economics, Limit State Method, Post-tensioned, Prestressing, R.C.C.
This paper presents the economics of continuous R.C.C. beams vis-à-vis continuous pre-stressed concrete beams. This work includes the design and estimates of continuous R.C.C. beams and continuous pre-stressed concrete beams of various spans. In today's jet age, we have a host of construction techniques at our disposal. Steel structures, R.C.C. Structures, Core and hull type of structure (combination of steel & R.C.C. construction), Ferro-cement and prestressed concrete are some examples. At times this choice available leads to confusion. The best way is to select the type of construction, depending on the circumstances and type of structure. The aim of this paper is to design medium span continuous R.C.C. beams as well as continuous pre-stressed concrete variety and then compare the results. Programming in MS EXCEL is done to design the beams. The idea is to reach a definite conclusion regarding the superiority of the two techniques over one another. Results reveal that a continuous R.C.C. beam is cheaper than continuous pre-stressed concrete beam for smaller spans but vice versa is true for larger spans. 
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