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Design And Fabricated Model of An Improved Emission Monitoring And Warning System For Automobiles
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.266-285  
R.Yadagiri Rao, Md.Abu Basim
Emission Monitoring and Warning System, Pollution, Emissions and Combustion.
We, the human are always talking about saving the environment, but most of us don't know what the reasons for polluting the environment are. Emission is one of the foremost reason for the pollution, which leads to various hazardous effects like Global warming, Ozone layer depletion, Green house effect, Acid rain etc. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the emissions, because emissions are responsible for decaying of the environment.80% of world's pollution is mainly due to automobile emissions. All the leading manufacturers of automobiles, design their vehicles with the controlling devices for reducing the emissions, but none design their vehicle with emission monitoring system. As a result of this, the person using the vehicle will not get any knowledge about emissions. Keeping this in mind we designed the "DESIGN AND FABRICATED MODEL OF AN IMPROVED EMISSION MONITORING AND WARNING SYSTEM FOR AUTOMOBILES" which monitor the emission rates of the vehicle and are displayed in the dashboard. The rates are stored in the microcontroller for the duration of 6/12/18 months and are reset automatically after the programmed duration. There is also an additional feature in this system, whenever the emission rates exceed the safe limit a warning light will glow. From this he/she can judge their vehicle performance and take necessary actions to rectify it. 
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