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Semiautomatic Twilight Photometer, Design and Working
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Pratibha B. Mane
Semiautomatic Twilight Photometer, aerosol measurements, passive remote sensing technique
Aerosol measurements have been carried out at Kolhapur (16.41°N 74.13°E) by using newly designed Semiautomatic Twilight Photometer. Some noticeable features of the semiautomatic twilight photometer are improvement in efficiency of the system, growth in signal to noise ratio, augmentation in height resolution, lot of upgrading in the sensitivity of the system, expansion in duration of operation of the system, rise in rate of sampling, better accuracy in storing the data etc. The twilight scattering method yields a reasonable qualitative picture of the vertical distribution of the aerosols from about 6 km to a maximum of 350 km.
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