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Analysis of Existing Rolling Mill With Prototype Soft Starting Arrangement of Rolling Mill For Energy Conservation - An Experimental Approach
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A.M. Bisen, Dr. P.M. Bapat and Dr. S.K. Ganguly
In this paper an analysis is done on the main drive of rolling mill which consumes about 60 to 70 % of total energy of the plant. The existing rolling mill in India are using the 3 phase induction motor and flywheel to drive the rolling mill. The electric motor transmits the power to flywheel with the help of V-belt. An attempt has made after analysis of existing mill that by using some soft starting arrangement, which can be use as a clutch in between the motor and flywheel reduces the horse power of main drive which save the energy consumption of rolling mill. The optimum selection of drive can help in reducing the horse power of main electric motor and at the same time capable of energies the flywheel. An experimental analysis is done by using flat belt drive and motor sliding arrangement in order to reduce the H.P. of main electric motor.
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