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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
New Design And Develelopment of Eskig Motorcycle
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Eskinder Girma
This paper work is on motorcycle body optimization, how to carry more number of passengers with comfort and safety. The ordinary motorcycle has only one driver seat and passenger seat: and specified as one rear wheel and twins shock absorber. The new ESKIG motorcycle's modeling and analysis is done on one driver and three passengers size and load with considering backrest. This motor cycle having a large seating length, two twins shock absorber and dual rear wheel. The drive system of dual rear wheel is derived by two chain and sprocket assembly on either side with the same gear ratio; both wheels do not have independent suspension. The first stage of the work was developing a preliminary design of motorcycle using appropriate assumption and mathematical calculation. This can be done with the help of wire-frame, 3D modeling and kinematic simulation of computer aided analysis software. The parametric computer aided design is develop by considering necessary assumption with comparing to data books.
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