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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Iranian EFL Learners' Listening Proficiency
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.70-80  
Shahrokh Jahandar,Morteza Khodabandehlou, Gohar Seyedi, Reza Mousavi Dolat Abadi
Emotional Intelligence, Listening Comprehension, Gender, Self-awareness, Empathy, Stress Tolerance, Flexibility, Optimism
The current investigation attempts to determine the impact of Emotional Intelligence (EI) components on listening proficiency as well as gender differences in some of the significant emotional competencies of EI. To this end, 168 intermediate learners (including 75 male and 93 female) were chosen randomly from among English students of Rodaki and Shafagh University, Tonekabon. The data was analyzed through SPSS, using ANOVA, MANOVA and F-test. The results confirmed the significant impact of EI components on listening in male and female. Additionally, by considering gender through the influence of EI components, it showed that this impact on female learners is greater than male. The other case is investigating the effect of each EI component on listening comprehension and gender separately. The findings revealed that Stress Tolerance, Interpersonal Relationship and Flexibility have great impact on listening in male and female; instead male ought to be stronger to enhance 'Stress Tolerance'. 
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