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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
Determination of Optimal Duration and Labour Cost of Overhauling ABB Type 13D Gas Turbine Using Network Analysis
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Nwankwojike, B. Nduka
Critical jobs, electricity generation, gas turbine, network analysis, optimal cost, optimal duration, overhauling maintenance,
Network analysis technique was used in this study to establish the optimal duration and labour cost of overhauling ABB type 13D gas turbine in Nigeria as well as the critical jobs that required adequate management attention/supervision in order to check corrupt upward review of project cost that characterized this sector resulting from intentional delays in the execution of turbine overhauling projects in this country. Results showed one thousand, two hundred and forty- three (1243) hours or approximately 155.38 days (at 8 working hours per day) and four million, twelve thousand and five hundred naira (N4,012,500.00) as the respective optimal duration and labour cost of the project. In addition, activities A, B, D, G, H, J, L, N, O, P, R, S, U and V were revealed as the critical jobs of this maintenance project while the optimal specific number of various types of manpower required to achieve these optimal duration and cost were determined as ten engineers, twenty technologists, seven craftmen and forty- five unskilled labourers
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