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Potential of Pulverized Bone as a Pozzolanic material[
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F. Falade, E. Ikponmwosa, C. Fapohunda
— Cow bone, Consistency, Pozollans, Pulverized bone, Setting times
This paper presents the results of a study on the potential use of pulverized bone (PB) as a pozzolanic material and supplementary cementing material in the production of concrete. Tests were conducted to determine the influence of pulverized bone on the consistency and the setting times of cement paste at different percentages of replacement from 0 to I00% at interval of I0%, using the Vicat Apparatus. 75mm cubes of cement/sand mortar were prepared from a mixture of cement and sand in the proportion of 1: 3 with water/cement ratio of 0.4 in order to determine its strength development pattern. The chemical composition of pulverized bone was also determined. The results showed that the incorporation of pulverized bone into cement paste resulted in low water demand to achieve the same consistency by as much as 30%. Also, the addition of pulverized bone into cement brought about delayed setting times of the paste indicating that the pulverised bone has a retarding effect on the paste. The results further indicate that pulverised bone could be used as a partial replacement of cement without damage to the strength provided that the level of replacement does not exceed 20%. Results of investigation showed that at up to 20% replacement of cement with pulverized bone, there was no significant difference in the 28-day strength of the specimens containing pulverised bone and the control specimens (without pulverised bone). From the results of this study, it can be concluded that pulverised bone has pozzolanic properties and it can be used as partial replacement of cement in concrete
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