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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
A Compact Monopole CPW-Fed Band Notch Square- ring Antenna for UWB Applications
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.135-139  
Deepak Kumar, Tejbir Singh, Vikash Gupta, Hema Singh
Coplanar waveguide (CPW), Microstrip antennas, wireless communication, UWB, band notched, HFSS
This paper presents the design of compact CPW-fed band notched UWB square ring antenna. The main objective of this proposed research work is to reduce the size of antenna and avoid interference between UWB and WLAN application at 5.5GHz. The antenna consists of a square-ring metal patch and 50? coplanar waveguide fed. The structure of the antenna is miniaturized by optimizing its square ring profile and the required total size to obtain only 35x31 mm dimension. The antenna is then modified to possess band rejection at the wireless local area network (4.8-6.2 GHz) band by adding two slits within the CPW element. The geometry parameters of antenna are investigated and optimized with HFSS. The result show that the proposed antenna achieves an impedance bandwidth of 3.1-I0.6GHz with VSWR<2, except in the band of 4.8 - 6.2 GHz. An omnidirectional radiation pattern and stable gain are observed except notched band.
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