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Estimation of Gross Alpha Activity in Soil and Plant Samples in Udaipur, Rajasthan
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.796-799  
Dr.Brijesh Pathak, Dr.N.C.Aery
: Gross alpha, Norm, Natural radioactivity, Plant, Soil
The concentration of the Naturally Occurring Radioactive material (Norm) of soil and plant samples collected from nearby villages to udaipur and their host communities was measured by determining the gross alpha activity concentration. Determination of the gross alpha radioactivity of soil, field soil and plant samples were obtained by using Alpha Counting System, Nucleonix, Hyderabad. Background measurement test was done to determine the background radioactivity. A number of soil, plant and water samples were collected (between November 2002 to November, 2005) in the environs of radioactive deposits at the two sites. Gross alpha activity were estimated. The gross alpha activity for soil and plant samples are in the range of 175-2260 and 48-477 Bq kg-1, respectively on dry weight basis. In plant samples, maximum gross alpha activity (477Bq kg-1) was observed in Coriandrum sativum. In soil samples, maximum gross alpha activity (821 Bq kg-1) was observed in sample no. US VI-6S (Jatropha curcus) and minimum (303 Bq kg-1) in Diospyros cordifolia at US VI-2S site. The mean alpha activityconcentration for the control soil sample was 22.78.0±1.02Bqkg-1which is low compared with the observed alpha activity values in community's soil, field soil and plant samples respectively. The result indicates an elevation of Norm content due to mineral exploration and production in the area. This could be detrimental to health of individuals exposed to these radiations.
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