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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 6,June 2012
Copyright Protection of Digital Images Using Robust Watermarking Based on Joint DLT and DWT
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.778-786  
Yusuf Perwej , Firoj Parwej , Asif Perwej
— Copyright Protection, Data Hiding, JPEG, Normalized Cross Correlation (NC), Peak Signal to Noise (PSNR), Steganography, Watermarking.
Digital watermarking is a new method of protecting multimedia content from unauthorized copying. A digital multimedia technology has offered many facilities in the transmission, reproduction and manipulation of data. However, this advance has also brought the problem such as copyright protection for content providers. Copyright protection of images has become a major concern with the rapid expansion of the Internet, which contains millions of freely available images. Digital watermarking is one of the proposed solutions for copyright protection of multimedia and is becoming a major player not only for use in images but also in the latest technology such as audio, image and video. In this paper robustness of digital image watermarking algorithm based on transforming domain. We are proposing a robust combined Discrete Laguerre Transform (DLT) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) watermark transformation algorithm. Experimental results show that the higher robustness against common signal processing attacks. The combined of DLT and DWT, the proposed system achieves significantly higher robustness of the method against some common image processing operations such as Salt and Pepper noise addition , Gaussian noise addition, Speckle Noise addition, Cropping, JPEG compression.
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