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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
Wind Speed Behavioral Modeling for Economical Energy Generation using Windmills
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.21-24  
K. Aboul-Seoud, Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez, Mohamed Abd El-latif, A. Abou-Raya
Wind speed prediction, Wind power generation, Power systems
The energy generation using windmills depends mainly on the wind speed which has a random behavior so; it is difficult to create statistical approaches with prior and deterministic parameters. Since wind speed is directly affected by some factors such as seasons, years, solar activities and land breeze, the behavioral modeling can be achieved. Prediction of wind speed is essential in order to protect systems in-action from the effects of strong winds. In this paper, data represent wind speed in Alexandria, Egypt has been obtained over a time window of twenty years. The frequency spectrum of the wind speed data have been obtained using Fourier transform (FT). The spectrum is fitted by twelve Gaussian distributions which are transformed back to the time domain. The central amplitudes are modified to accurately represent the actual time domain data using two different approaches. The proposed model is tested through the prediction of wind speed profile over the next two years following the available data window. The predicted data are compared with the actual ones. The constructed model showed a great consistency and high accuracy in modeling the wind speed behavioral in the selected site.
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