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Effect of variation in the concentration of ammonium molybdate in the parental environmental medium (PEM), on the pH and the photochemical reduction of Mo6+ to Mo4+ in the PEM of the Silicon Molybdenum Jeewanu 1.531211 SMJ8 both before and after exposure
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Deepa Srivastava
Ammonium Molybdate, Autopoeitic, Eukaryote, Jeewanu, Parental Environmental Medium, pH, Photochemical Reduction, SMJ8
In the present scenario of several alternative sources of energy, the study of Jeewanu can prove to be an asset. Jeewanu, the autopoeitic eukaryote, and its functional properties have revealed a process of utilization of solar energy and also its conversion to chemical bonds which perhaps nature did a few billion years back to initiate the formation of life on earth. These microstructures have ferredoxin like material in them. They also show nitrogenase like activity. Thus these microstructures can be used to split water and use the hydrogen formed as a source of energy in future.
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