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Low Cycle Fatigue Failure of Composite Materials/Aluminium Alloys At Different Heat Treatments/Process - A review
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.774-779  
Mr. Mazin Mahmood Yahya, Dr. Nilanjan Mallik
—low cycle fatigue damage, mechanism of metal failure, heat treatment, microstructure
Aluminum alloys and composite materials are of great technological importance. One of the essential goals in the fatigue process study is the prediction of the fatigue life of a structure or machine component subjected to a given stress-time history, it is subjected to repeated loading and unloading or alternating stresses, over a long period of time. Several parameters influence fatigue life of a component like grain size, corrosion, frequency of loading, vacuum, average mean stress, ductility, surface finish, microstructure, temperature, alloying element etc.
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