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Process Development Studies on Biodiesel from Palm kernel, Palm and Gingelly oils
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.503-5I0  
G. Kalyani, H.Joga Rao, Y.Prasanna Kumar
Biodiesel, ester-based oxygenated fuels, pongamia pinnata, jatropha curcas, cetane index, flash point, fire point, sulphur content, carbon residue, viscosity
Biodiesel is the name for a variety of ester-based oxygenated fuels derived from natural, renewable biological sources such as vegetable oils. Biodiesel operates in compression ignition engines like petroleum diesel thereby requiring no essential engine modifications. Biodiesel fuel can be made from new or used vegetable oils and animal fats. Biodiesel can be produced from oil bearing seeds of many plants like pongamia pinnata and that are grown in the wild like jatropha curcas and blended with high speed diesel for transport vehicles, generators, rail engines, irrigation pumps etc. As part of the research program on biodiesels, work has been initiated to develop processes for biodiesels reusing different feed stocks of vegetable oils including non-edible oils. The results of the research work on transesterification and evaluation of biodiesel samples are presented. The following variables were studied on laboratory scale transesterification of three vegetable oils, gingili, palm and palm kernel in presence of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide catalyst-Mole ratio of vegetable oil to methyl alcohol and catalyst concentration. More over, the biodiesel samples obtained in the experimental studies have been evaluated determining the important physical properties like density, viscosity, distillation characteristics, cetane index, flash point, fire point, sulphur content and carbon residue. As observed from results, the yields of gingili, palm and palm kernel esters ranged from 90.3% to 95.7%.
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