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Blind Handicapped Vs. Technology: How Do Blind People Use Computers?
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Prof.Reeta Singh
— Blind- handicapped,Technology for blind handicapped,Screen Reader,Blind can use computers or not,Disabilities,Internet for Blind,Computer Application for blind
Several companies today market computer programs that allow a blind person to use a standard computer. These computer programs are called "screen readers". A screen reader is itself a standard Windows computer application, but its job is to run alongside the other programs running on a computer and "tell" the blind person what is on the screen. Because a blind person cannot see what is on the screen, a screen reader typically has a built-in speech synthesiser which, although perhaps sounding a bit like a robot, speaks information to the user through the normal sound speakers of the computer itself. People with some limited sight typically use a different kind of screen reader which magnifies and enhances the image on the screen to make it easier to see, and some people use both speech and magnification at the same time. But whether a person uses speech or magnification, typically the screen reader is just a computer application that comes on a CD and easily installs on most computers.
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