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Numerical Simulation of Non-Premixed Turbulent Methane-Air Combustion[
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.243-249  
O.A Erinfolami, O.S Ismail, O. Oyewola
— Computation Fluid Dynamics, Eddy dissipation model, Large eddy simulations, Non-Premixed combustion, Probability Density Functions, Reynolds stress model, Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes, Turbulence,.
This paper examined the heat-transfer coefficients and the Nusselt number for turbulent flow for a methane-air flame occurring in cross-flow streams in an open duct. The governing equation of momentum, energy, mass fraction and radical nuclei concentration were solved in a fully coupled fashion at each control volume. The model encompasses conservation equations of gas components participating in the process and energy equation. A FORTRAN code was written with a Tridiagonal matrix solver (TDMA) used to obtain the temperature, velocity and particulates profiles on the flat plate. The Nusselt number for the flow was calculated and plotted as a function of the calculated Rayleigh number. It was observed that a curve obtained with temperature and pressure far from the critical region approaches the line obtained with a classic correlation. 
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