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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 4,April 2012
Factors Affecting the Performance of Hindi Language searching on web: An Experimental Study
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.221-235  
Kumar Sourabh, Vibhakar Mansotra
: search engines, morphology, word sense disambiguation, precision, Guruji, Raftaar and Hindi Language
With the internet growing at an exponential rate the web is increasingly hosting web pages in different languages. It is essential for the search engines to be able to search information stored in a specific language. The native users also tend to look for any information on web nowadays. This leads to the need of effective search engines to fulfill native user's needs and provide them information in their native languages. The major population of India use Hindi as a first language. The Indian constitution identifies 22 languages, of which six languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and Gujarati) are spoken by at least 50 million people within the boundaries of the country-there are a large number of them living outside the country. The Hindi language web information retrieval is not in a satisfactory condition. The presence of Hindi on the World Wide Web is still limited and tentative because of attitudinal and technical factors. Besides the other technical setbacks the Hindi language search engines face the problem of morphology, phonetics, word sense disambiguation etc. The performance of search engines is affected by these problems. This paper covers the comprehensive analysis and also the comparison of the affect of language structure related factors (morphology, phonetics, WSD, synonyms,) on the performance of search engines supporting Hindi language
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