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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 4,April 2012
Optimizing water fountain as community based therapy for better health continuance - Preliminary Study
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Dr. Nasser Abbas Abd El Aziz, Mr. Jahangir b. Kamaldin, Dr. Yohei Kobayashi, Prof. Dr. Eva Banninger Huber, Pro.Dr. Didier Grandjean, Dr. Takemi Fujikawa
Natural sounds, Water fountain, Melodies, Electroencephalograph, Teenagers,
Music has a countless of health-related benefits, both psychologically and physiologically. However, because the healthful effects of music have not been fully explored scientifically, many questions about the efficiency of music have not been answered yet.Scientific attention begin to recognize this concept for alternative treatments especially for pain relief management, stress reduction, improvement of sleep patterns, development of general physical and mental wellbeing (Mullooly et. al, 1988).With the advancing technologies such as EEG (Electroencephalogram) and ECG (Electrocardiogram), physiological effects of sound on human mind and body can be investigated and quantified (Abdul Kadir et. al, 2009). Many authors reported that more researches are needed to study the effects of music on patients' stress and anxiety reduction (Bradt J and Dileo C 2009).A clinical trial had done on the effects of music therapy on female breast cancer patients' anxiety following radical mastectomy and concluded that music therapy has positive effects on decreasing their anxiety (Xiao-Mei Li etal 2011). The healing aspects of natural sounds therapy including water sound are beginning to get a lot of interest in the medical fields. Numerous studies conducted on the value of natural sounds as a therapy for various psychological treatments (Coensel BD etal 2011
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