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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 4,April 2012
Implementation of AODV protocol with and without fuzzy logic for reliable multicast routing in adhoc networks
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.144-149  
R.Senthil Kumaran
AODV Protocol , FMAR protocol, Fuzzy logic, Multicast routing, Network lifetime, Network simulator
A major aspect of adhoc networks is that the nodes can move randomly, which requires the routing protocols in adhoc network to quickly respond to the network topology change in order to guarantee successful data packet delivery. Multiple routing paths are established to provide extra schemes of video streaming or multicast transmission and enhance the robust transmission against unreliability and limited bandwidth of wireless links. In this paper, AODV routing protocol can be modified with fuzzy logic named fuzzy modified AODV routing (FMAR) protocol for multicast routing in mobile adhoc networks . The fuzzy logic weighted multi-criteria of the protocol is used to dynamically evaluate the active route life time in order to determine the appropriate routes. Due to frequent node movements, the topologies of mobile adhoc networks change rapidly . The Fuzzy rule base depends upon the number of hop counts, sent controlled packets and the energies of the nodes on the routes. The enhancement of FMAR protocol was implemented for quickly maintain and repair the routes with the dynamic Lifetime of the routing table before they crashed. The Fuzzy rule base depends upon the number of hop counts, sent controlled packets and the energies of the nodes on the routes. The simulation results of enhancement of FMAR protocol will be efficient than FMAR protocol with respects to the node mobility, the packet delivery ratio, average route acquisition latency delay, the routing overhead and the average end to end delay.
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