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Some New Trigonometric, Hyperbolic and Exponential Measures of Fuzzy Entropy and Fuzzy Directed Divergence
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Jha P., MishraVikas Kumar
Fuzzy Entropy, Fuzzy Directed Divergence, Measures of Fuzzy Information.
Uncertainty and fuzziness are the basic nature of human thinking and of many real world objectives. Fuzziness is found in our decision, in our language and in the way we process information. The main use of information is to remove uncertainty and fuzziness. In fact, we measure information supplied by the amount of probabilistic uncertainty removed in an experiment and the measure of uncertainty removed is also called as a measure of information while measure of fuzziness is the measure of vagueness and ambiguity of uncertainties. Shannon [2] used "entropy" to measure uncertain degree of the randomness in a probability distribution.
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