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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 4,April 2012
Abortion and Challenges of Teenage Pregnancy in Lagos, Nigeria
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.278-287  
Atere. Adewole Akinyemi, Ayodele. Johnson Oluwole, Omololu. O 
Adolescent Mothers, Life Chances, Post-Abortion Services, Unborn Babies, Unsafe Abortion.
The study examined the influence of abortion on the lives of pregnant teenage girls in Lagos. The study adopted an exploratory and descriptive research design. Copies of a questionnaire were administered on one hundred and five girls selected from Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State who participated in the study. The study conducted ten in - depth interviews involving medical experts, parents and teenagers who were purposively selected. These data were analysed. Findings of the study supported the outcomes of previous studies that adolescent girls are hesitant to discuss their past exposure to abortion; have divergent perceptions of abortion and display inadequate though varying knowledge of the implications of abortion for their future reproductive health. Moreover, the study found evidences of cultural and religious inhibitions that discourage girls from public discussion of their sexual behaviour. Scared by the disgrace that such an act might cause, most girls deliberately do not access abortion services from specialists. Therefore, the study suggests that government legalises abortion to enable experts handle abortion and post abortion needs of adolescent girls. This will salvage many innocent babies and girls who might be involved in unsafe abortion from experiencing fatality. Otherwise, quackery in the health sector may continue to undermine all progressive health initiative to lay siege on the lives of vulnerable unborn babies and the life chances of their adolescent mothers in Lagos.
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