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The Role of Indian Agricultural Farmers in Creating Ecological Balance in the Nature
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.399-403  
Ms. Bheemabai S. Mulage
Ecology, Ecological balance, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable use, Farmer, Farmers’ rights, Bio-safety andAgriculture
Agriculture may be defined as an integrated system of techniques to control the growth and harvesting of animal and vegetables. It is an uncomplicated endeavor comprising of technical and practical processes that helps in the maintenance of the ecological balance and protects human resources; and most importantly it is a viable food production system. This paper provides a brief overview about how the agricultural farmers' rights are intrinsically based on the link between innovation and rights over knowledge, biodiversity conservation, and the sustainable use of agro-biodiversity. However, India has framed a unique legislation called Indian Biodiversity, Act 2002, but still faces the problems in implementation and safeguarding the rights of the farmers and communities for their invaluable contribution and efforts in bringing ecological balance. It also argues that their different contributions should be recognized and respected by the International Undertaking, particularly in terms of Farmers' Rights. It is concluded that an international mechanism is urgently required to promote some level of consensus on defining and implementing these vital rights for their priceless contribution in maintaining balanced ecology.
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