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A Solution for Effective Teaching using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (COBFCMS)
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.435-440  
Mr. A.Rajkumar, Mrs.Jose Parveena, Dr. C. Jayalatha, Dr.A.praveen prakash
— FCMS, CBFCMS, Teaching Methods
The necessity to use various tools - instructional media and technology for effective teaching using combined overlap block fuzzy cognitive maps (COBFCMS) defined by W.B. Vasantha Kandaswamy is analyzed in this paper. The combined overlap block FCM's defined in this method become effective when the number of concepts can be grouped and are large in numbrs. In this paper we have analyzed the various tools needed for effective knowledge transfer. In this paper, we analyzed the effective teaching methods and pedagogical practices and to develop new insights to serve their needs by fuzzy cognitive maps. This paper has five sections: First section gives the information about development of fuzzy cognitive maps, second section gives preliminaries of fuzzy cognitive maps, and combined overlap block fuzzy cognitive maps, in section three we describe the problem, in section four we explain the method of determining their hidden pattern and the final section gives the conclusion based on our studies
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