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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 3,March 2012
A new approach to studying and investigating hydrogen storage in carbon nanostructures
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.336-346  
Alireza Heidari, Niloofar Heidari, Roozbeh Amiri, Foad Khademi Jahromi, Mehrnoosh Zeinalkhani, Fatemeh Ghorbani, Azadeh Piri, Sunil Kumar, Mohammadali Ghorbani
Nowadays, the hydrogen storage as a clean and renewable source of energy has great significance. The adsorption on adsorbents is one of the effective hydrogen storage methods. For this purpose, the use of different carbon nanostructured materials is investigated in this paper. Generally, due to carbon nanotubes' relatively low specific surface, they do not have high hydrogen adsorption ability. However, through undergoing modifications, their adsorption can be improved. These modifications include the impregnation by metals such as lithium, chemical modification by KOH, and heating at 400-500°C. Nanohorns possess higher specific surface than nanotubes; after thermal and chemical modifications which lead to opening them, nanohorns' specific surface can reach to about 1900 m2/g; in these conditions, they can absorb hydrogen up to 4 wt%. Fullerenes can obtain a high adsorption capacity through absorbing hydrogen molecules into their molecular structure, or by forming fullerene hydride and changing its nanostructure
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