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Removal of Cr (VI) from Water by Using Activated Carbon prepared from Crotalaria burhia
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.5I0-517  
Suresh Chandra, Kailash Daga, Vinod Vaishnav, Madan Lal, Bhanupriya Mordhiya
: Chromium (VI), Adsorption isotherms, Crotalaria burhia
The awareness of increasing water pollution implies studies concerning water treatment. Removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater is of primary importance1. With a rapid increase in global industrial activities, pollution derived from the uncontrolled escape of heavy metals such as copper, nickel, chromium and zinc has become serious. The awareness of increasing water pollution implies studies concerning water treatment. The presence of toxic heavy metals such as chromium (VI) contaminants in aqueous streams, arising from the discharge of untreated metal containing effluents into water bodies, is one of the most important environmental problems. Adsorption is one of the effective techniques for chromium (VI) removal from wastewater. Industrial effluent containing Cr (VI) plays an important role in polluting water bodies. The major objective of this paper was to investigate the removal of Cr (VI) from synthetic wastewater using poly vinyl alcohol coated activated carbon prepared from stem of Crotalaria burhia 2. The effect of various parameters such as contact time, adsorbent dosage, initial chromium (VI) concentration and pH has been studied. The chromium (VI) adsorption followed both the Langmuir3and Freundlich's equation isotherms
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