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Superplastic Tensile Behavior Of A Ti-al-mn Alloy
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Mahesh D.C, H.V.Divya, Laxmana Naik. L, B.Yogesha and S.S.Bhattacharya
Superplastic behavior, Ti-Al-Mn alloy, elongation to failure, strain rate
Titanium (Ti-Al-Mn (OT4-1)) alloy is currently being used for aero engine components as well as other aerospace applications by forming through a conventional route which is typically cost, labour and equipment intensive. Titanium alloys such as Ti-6Al-4V is expensive because of the alloying additions like Vanadium are extremely expensive, still this alloy is widely used in aerospace applications by manufacturing the components through superplastic route. The alloy Ti-Al-Mn (made as per the Russian specification, OT4-1) could be a candidate material for replacing the costly Ti-6Al-4V alloys. In the present investigation, tensile tests were carried out on this alloy in the temperature range of I073 K to 1173 K (800 to 900?C) in the strain rate range of 1xI0-5 to 1xI0-2 s-1 in order to characterize the high temperature superplastic deformation behavior. A maximum elongation of 450% was observed at 1123 K at an initial strain rate of 5.52xI0-4 s-1 indicating superplastic behavior of this alloy. From the obtained tensile test results, the optimum superplastic temperature range was identified as I098 to 1148 K at a strain rate range of 1.38xI0-4 to 1.38xI0-3 s-1
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