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Prospect of Renewable Energy as the Solution of the Existing Energy Crisis of Banglades
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Md. Alim Iftekhar Rasel, Saiham Siraj, Kazi Moshiur Rahman
Energy has always been a major necessity for the day-to-day human life. For the socio-economic development, continuous supply of sufficient energy is very important. As a developing country, Bangladesh is finding it difficult in recent times to produce and transmit enough energy to fulfill the ever-growing demand. The natural resources are limited and are being exhausted at such an alarming rate, it is feared that natural gas, which is the main energy source of Bangladesh will be depleted by the year 2020. So it is now the best time to find alternative energy sources if the inevitable energy crisis is to be avoided. Renewable energy can be the solution to this problem as the climate and infrastructure of the country is very much favorable for harnessing renewable energy. In this paper we have tried to analyze the prospect of using renewable energy as a solution for the current energy crisis in Bangladesh. We have talked about different forms of renewable energy, their prospect in Bangladesh and how far it can contribute to solve the problem
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