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The Smart Home: Renewable Energy Management System For Smart Grid Based On ISM Band Communications
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.288-295  
S. Mathavi, Mrs. D. Vanitha, Mrs.S. Jeyanthi, P.Senthil Kumaran
Embedded System, HEMS, ISMBand, Solar Panel, Substation, Smart meter, Microcontroller
Increasing complexity of power grids, growing demand, and requirement for greater reliability, security and efficiency as well as environmental and energy sustainability concern continue to high light then need for a quantum leap in harnessing communication and information technologies. This leap toward a "smarter" grid is widely referred to as "smart grid". A smart grid can help us reach the goal of clean air and energy independence by utilizing renewable power such as wind and solar energy. In earlier a real time, massive, online, multi-time frame simulation is proposed as a means for building a common vision of smart grid functions. A massive simulation will include hundreds of participants that play roles of reliability coordinators, transmission operators, distribution operators, power plant operators, and substation operators. In this paper critically reviews the reliability impacts of major smart grid resources such as renewable, demand response and storage. A Smart Meter is designed via ISM band communication to develop a smart grid. These highly visible drills can demonstrate how the new smart grid systems, people, and processes can all work together economically and reliably. We can get low cost, safe, and easily configurable simulations instead of waiting for expensive and hard wired deployments
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