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Multi-band Ladder-shape Microstrip Patch Antenna
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Dr.K.S.N Murthy, Venkata Raviteja.K, I.Govardhani, M.Venkata Narayana
Microstrip patch antenna, Ladder-shape, gain, return loss
Now a day's broad-band antennas gaining importance because of their usage at high frequencies and ability to achieve high speed data communication. Microstrip patch antennas are of such type and are increasing in popularity for use in wireless applications. They are widely used because of their several advantages such as light weight, low volume, low fabrication cost and compatability with integrated circuit technology operating in multiple bands with multiple polarizations. Here we are using ladder shaped microstrip patch antenna with which it achieves dual band of frequencies. Significant reduction of antenna size can be realized when the H-shaped patch is used instead of the conventional rectangular microstrip patch antenna. By using the proposed antenna we can simulate return loss, gain, axial ratio and radiation patterns at these dual band of frequencies achieving circular polarization
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