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Design of Router Architecture Based on Wormhole Switching Mode for NoC
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.87-91  
L.Rooban, S.Dhananjeyan
Network on chip, router architecture, wormhole switching
Network on Chip (NoC) is an approach to designing communication subsystem between intelligent property (IP) cores in a system on chip (SoC). Packet switched networks are being proposed as a global communication architecture for future system-on-chip (SoC) designs. In this project, we propose a design and implement a wormhole router supporting multicast for Network-on-chip. Wormhole routing is a network flow control mechanism which decomposes a packet into smaller flits and delivers the flits in a pipelined fashion. It has good performance and small buffering requirements. The implementations are at the RT level using VHDL and they are synthesizable. First, based on virtual cut through router model, a unicast router is implemented and validated and based on the wormhole switching mode the multicast router architecture is designed and implemented. A Wormhole input queued 2-D mesh router is created to verify the capability of our router
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