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Parametric Analysis of Cooled Gas Turbine Cycle with Evaporative Inlet Air Cooling
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.217-224  
Alok Kumar Mohapatra, Sanjay, Laljee Prasad
Air-film blade cooling,Air-humidifier, Evaporative cooling, Gas turbine, Inlet-air cooling, Parametric analysis
The article investigates the effect of compressor pressure ratio, turbine inlet temperature and ambient temperature on the performance parameters of an air-cooled gas turbine cycle with evaporative cooling of inlet air. Air film cooling has been adopted as the cooling technique for gas turbine blades. The mass of coolant required for turbine blade cooling is calculated for a selected range of ambient conditions and found to vary with temperature drop achieved in the evaporator. The effect of ambient temperature on plant efficiency and plant specific work is computed at different TIT and rp,c and it was found that the rate of increase in these performance parameters are more pronounced at higher TIT and rp,c. The results indicate that a maximum temperature drop of 21 oC is achieved in the evaporator. The inlet cooling is found to increase the efficiency by 4.1% and specific work by 9.44%. The optimum plant performance is obtained at a TIT of 1500K and rp,c of 20 for all values of ambient temperature 
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