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Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Field Data Based Model For Civil Activity
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.209-213  
Man Machine Systems, Field Data Based Model, Ergonomics, Human Energy, Productivity, Mathematical Modeling, Site Clearance
This paper discuss the approach to formulate Field Data Based Model (FDBM) for any Man Machine System. The presently observed civil construction activities are Man Machine Systems . 'Man-Machine System' means an activity occurring with the involvement of a human operator either a male and/or a female with the help of some tools used to interact with the material. The common building materials used in various activities are bricks, cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, water, mild steel bars, timber, marble, granite, glass etc. The construction methods are being practiced over several decades. No investigation has been made as regards appropriate use of the posture , parameters of tools and construction materials for every construction activity. It is therefore felt necessary to ascertain the scope of improvement in the method of performing a construction activity.
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