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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 2,February 2012
Synthesis and Characterization of C-Ag Nanomaterials for Battery Electrode Application
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.482-484  
Ruby Michelle N. Buot, Gil Nonato C. Santos
HVPC, composite materials, nanomaterials, battery electrode, carbon and silver
Carbon-Silver composite nanomaterials were grown on the surface of a carbon rod using the Horizontal Vapor Phase Crystal Growth technique. The effect of flame annealing to the source materials before HVPC treatment and the varying ratio of the C-Ag materials were studied and was investigated using the SEM and EDX analysis. Results showed that after subjecting the annealed materials with flame, it produced a high yield of deposited nanomaterials compared to the unannealed ones. The improvement of the battery's characteristic was evident with the integration of the C-Ag nanomaterial composite and was confirmed through a comparative study of a 24 hour-voltage discharge profile against the other existing batteries and measurement of its internal resistance using dataStudio and PASCO V-I sensor.
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