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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 2,February 2012
Priority Based Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.217-221  
Jiwan Pokharel, Santosh Bhandari, Saroj Sharma,Prof. S. Venkateswarlu
Ad-hoc, Attack Possibility, Interference rate,Node power, Predictability, Success rate, Computer Science, Mobile computing
A mobile Ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes forming a network without using any existing infrastructure. All mobile nodes function as mobile routers that discover and maintain routes to other mobile nodes of the network and can be connected dynamically in an arbitrary manner [3]. Instead of just communicating based on the availability of power, we would implement the priority calculation algorithm in the eventual steps so as to protect the network breach as well as obtain the communication system of desired feature. Once a network has been constructed, we would not again send data packets through the same sequence of nodes in successive iterations. This would, to some extent eliminate predictability of the path of communication. Hence, we would consider the factors like the power of node, time taken for communication, interference rate for communicating node as well as attack possibility on it.
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