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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 3,March 2012
A Group Awareness and collaboration in Distributed Software Development
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.130-138  
Imran Ali Siddiqui, Manuj Darbari
Collaboration Issues, Group awareness, Project Analyzer, Mining Component
pen-source software development projects manage to produce large, robust, complex, and successful systems. OSS are always collabora-tive and distributed in nature as well as difficulties are being occurred due to distance. However, there is a little spite of knowledge about management of collaboration by open-source team. In this paper we look how distributed developers maintain group awareness. We interviewed developers, read project communication, and looked at project artifacts from three successful open source projects. We found that distributed developers need to maintain awareness of one another, and that they maintain both a general awareness of the entire team and more detailed knowledge of people with whom they plan to work. 
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