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Profit Analysis of a Two Unit Standby Oil Delivering System with off line Repair Facility when Priority is given to Partially Failed Unit over the Completely Failed Unit for Repair and System having a Provision of Switching over to Another System
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.125-129  
Rekha Narang, Upasana Sharma
Oil delivering system, Semi Markov process, Regenerative point technique, measures of system effectiveness and profit analysis.
Profit analysis of two unit standby oil delivering system with three types of failure complete failure, normal to partial failure and partial to complete failure is analysed. Initially one unit is operative and the other is standby. In case of partial failure, repair of unit is done by switching off the unit. When both the units fail then for repairing, priority is given to partially failed unit over completely failed unit. The system is in down state if one unit is completely failed and other is partially failed On the complete failure of both the units there is a provision of switching over to the other similar system. This practical situation may be observed in an oil refinery plant. The system is analyzed by making use of semi-Markov processes and regenerative point technique
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