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Eight User, 4Gb/s, Spectral Phase-Encoded OCDMA System in time domain for Metropolitan area Network
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.183-188  
Savita R.Bhosale Dr. S. L. Nalbalwar and Dr. S.B.Deosarkar
In optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) system, many users share the same transmission medium by assigning unique pseudo-random optical code (OC) to each user. OCDMA is attractive for next generation broadband access networks due to its features of allowing fully asynchronous transmission with low latency access, soft capacity on demand, protocol transparency, simplified network management as well as increased flexibility of QoS control and enhanced confidentiality in the network. Hence, in this paper, we proposed a technique using spectral phase encodingin time domain for eight users. This technique is proved to be much effective to handle eight users at 4 Gb/s bit rate for Metropolitan area Network (MAN). Results indicate significant improvement in term Beat Error Rate (BER) and very high quality factor in the form of Quality of Service (QoS). In our analysis, we have used Pseudo Orthogonal (PSO) codes. The simulations are carried out using OptSim (RSOFT).
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