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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 1,January 2012
On the Integration for the Electronic Trend of Tatical Graphics
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.48-51  
Ahlam T.Al-Sarraf
Currently, many scientists believe in the fact that electronics as a vast modern discipline needs relevant tools and tactics to develop its already living syst-ems. This technical note contains an everywhere path for the development of computing artificial intelligence techniques, software design and database descriptions mark the human needs for a varity of computing functions:(a) Among which training and testing knowledge of tactical situations (b) Better planning and decision for planning situations interfacing tactical artificial intelligent systems.(c) Providing an experiment for studding tactical decision making. In fact, this studying aims at an-swering some queries found in the above question like what can architects in electronics provide in tactical graphics.This humble research paper is being undertaken to give a workable answer to some or part of these queries found in the area of electronics which is hoped to be reliable source within variety of computing fields. It will provide an acceptable answer to what is being asked about integration between soft and hardware made to develop tactical graphics in electronic. It has become now possible for the designer to connect the personal computer (Buses) with any outside apparatus by means of designing a suitable card (ADAPTER) fixed on the(EXPA-NSION-SLOT).Thus,the primary aim of this study is to develop reprogrammable and prototype boards aiming producing some reliable features suitable for final use graphic cards.
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