Soret effect on unsteady free convection flow of a dusty viscous fluid between two infinite flat parallel plates filled by a porous medium with inclined magnetic field [ ]

In this paper, unsteady laminar free convective flow of a dusty viscous fluid through porous medium of non-conducting walls in the presence of inclined magnetic field with volume fraction and heat source is considered. Governing equations are solved by perturbation technique and the results are obtained for fluid and particle velocity, temperature of the dusty fluid at the inclined magnetic field and concentration with various parameters such as t (time), M (Magnetic parameter), Pr (Prandtl number), Gr (Grashof number), S (Heat source parameter), Θ (Inclined magnetic field angle), ε3 (Porous parameter), (Volume fraction of dusty particles), p (Pressure gradient). From these it is observed that increase in inclined magnetic field angle causes the decrease of velocity in the fluid and fluid temperature increases by increase in heat source parameter.