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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Application level load balancing in a web switch or security oriented filtering based on the content signatures for deep packet inspection and delayed input DFA
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Madhuri Katabathuni, Suman Maloji, Rajasekhar Rao Kurra
DFA, Regular expressions, deep packet inspection, Network Intrusion Detection, Security, NFA and Delayed input DFA called D2FA
There is a growing demand for network devices capable of examining the content of the Data packet in order to improve the network security and provide application specific services. Most high performance systems that perform deep packet inspection implement simple string matching algorithms to match packets against a large but finite set of strings .However there is a growing interest in using regular expressions based pattern matching. Since regular expressions offer Superior expressive power and flexibility. DFA representations are typically used to represent the regular expressions. However the DFA representation of regular expressions sets arising in network applications requires large amount of memory, limiting their practical application
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