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Growth Of Small Enterprises In India
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Miss. Vanipriya .R, Dr.D. Venkatramaraju
Small – Scale Industry Period of in India, Types of SSI, Roles of SSI, Performance of SSI, Factors of SSI
Small scale industry is widely recognized as a powerful instrument for socioeconomic growth and balanced sectoral development. One of the distinctive characteristics of small scale sector is that the development of these industries would create broader employment opportunities assisting entrepreneurship and skills development and ensure better use of scarce financial resources and appropriate technology. Furthermore, they can play a main role in achievement of national economy and sociopolitical objectives, the gestation period is very short and they need small amount of capital to start. I also help in the dissemination of production capacity unlike the large scale industries which tend to concentrate in a few hands. This apart, establishment of such industries in rural areas and small towns helps to check the influx of population into bigger towns. A rewarding feature of economic development in India has been the impressive growth of modern small scale industries. The small enterprises have by now established their competence to manufacture a wide variety of sophisticated goods in different product lines requiring a high degree of skill and precision
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