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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Wheat disease identification using Classification rules
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A.Nithya, Dr.V.Sundaram
Decision Trees, Pruning, Datamining, Classification, Expert System, Neural Networks
Many techniques have been developed for learning rules and relationships automatically from diverse data sets, to simplify the often tedious and error-prone process of acquiring knowledge from empirical data. Decision tree is one of learning algorithm which posses certain advantages that make it suitable for discovering the classification rule for data mining applications. Normally Decision trees widely used learning method and do not require any prior knowledge of data distribution, works well on noisy data .It has been applied to classify Wheat disease based on the symptoms. This paper intended to discover classification rules for the Indian Wheat diseases using the c4.5 decision trees algorithm. Expert systems have been used in agriculture since the early 1980s. Several systems have been developed in different countries including the USA, Europe, and Egypt for plant-disorder diagnosis, management and other production aspects. This paper explores what Classification rule can do in the agricultural domain.
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