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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Verification of document with social values using watermark exclusion
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Mukesh Kumar
check the ownership of legal document, Check ligtimacy of document, currency verification, check the genuineness of documents, detect fackeness of document, document authenthicatin using watermark exclusion, To deter copying using watermark
Cryptography ensure the authenticity and integrity of a document but after encryption it is helpless but watermark prove all such aspects with legitimacy and ownership of document at all levels. Digital watermarking is a technique for inserting information (the watermark) into an image, which can be later extracted or detected for variety of purposes including identification and authentication purposes A watermark is a pattern made in high-quality papers by means of an improved or worst design that comes in contact with the paper; it is approximately 90% water and 10% fibers. The watermark designs are spaced at specific intervals (depending on the frequency of appearance required in the finished sheet) along the surface of a skillfully crafted wire roll called a "Groovy roll". As the revolving groovy roll comes in contact with the fibers, the designs displace with the fibers and produce the pattern visible in the finished sheet known as a watermark. Most people are familiar with two types of document watermarks which can be found in banknotes or on cheques. In banknotes, these are recognizable designs that are put into the paper on which the documents are printed, while in cheques they tend to be specific patterns. These watermarks are normally used to prevent people from being able to make fake copies, and, therefore, to be confident that the banknote or document is authentic. Our aim to remove all the vulnerability by checking the genuineness of documents with social values through such methods that verify the legitimacy of documents
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