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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Skew Detection Technique for Various Scripts
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Loveleen Kaur, Simpel Jindal
Document processing, Gurmukhi Script, Reliability, Segmentation, Skew Angle, Skew Correction, Skew Detection
This paper includes the information about the technique used to detect Skew which are introduced during the scanning of the documents. It also discusses about the tool which have been used to implement the technique. The algorithm has been implemented on various scripts. The method provides a very efficient way to calculate the Skew. Correction in the skewed scanned document image is very important, because it has a direct effect on the reliability and efficiency of the segmentation and feature extraction stages. The method deals with an accurate measure of skew, within-line, and between-line spacings and locates text lines and text blocks. The noises and the deviation in the document resolution or types are still the main two challenges facing the Arabic Skew detection and correction methods.
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