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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Enhancing the signal strength using Novel approach with Directional Antenna in Integrated Mobile Adhoc Network
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Ashish Bagwari, Sourabh Bisht
MANET, CHG, Directional Antenna, Throughput, SNR, Booster, QoS, Bit Error Rate, Overhead.
As we know in Mobile Ad hoc network our Nodes are highly mobile. They move around the Network. Due to this network topology and number of neighboring nodes in each node frequently change. Movement of nodes from one to another network also affect to the communication between them. As the number of nodes increases complexity of MANET increases in various issues. We remove the limitation using the Cluster Head Gateway node (CHG) [1], As we know in Booster Approach [2,3] if CHG nodes move or far away from other nodes (CHG or Cluster Node) then using booster technique, communication can takes place between nodes. But establishment of communication is no sufficient we should maintain and require relevant and reliable communication having less packet drops give better QoS. Considering all these points we are focusing over antenna i.e. Directional antenna with Novel booster approach in order to enhance the signal strength. The directional antenna radiates data in a particular direction. By applying this approach we will reduce the interferences, data loss, overhead [4], try to reestablish the break link between nodes and increase the performance (throughput and SNR) and QoS for an ad hoc network and also prevent link break during CHG Nodes mobility at data transaction time in order to maintaining the communication link between nodes. Finally, this paper conducts simulation experiments in the conditions where we are connecting CHG to CHG or cluster nodes using same or different networks.
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