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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Embedding Soft processor based USB device driver on FPGA
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Prof. Shashank Pujari
Device Driver, Embedded, FPGA, Soft Processor, SOPC
Embedding a System on a Programmable Chip with in the constraint of available resources brings out ingenuity of a SoPC designer. The paper covers an efficient Soft processor based USB communication device driver implementation on FPGA using a 10% foot print so as to set aside the rest 90% of the logic resources of the programmable chip for other compute and control intensive tasks. Using a Soft processor on FPGA to interface a peripheral is a convenient choice so that the task of the device driver development can be off loaded to a software developer. Software developer takes a black box approach and uses the programmer model of the Soft processor and this is where things can go wrong. SoPC designer looks critically at the device driver requirement and brings in hardware/software co-design approach to think out of the box to meet the challenges of the constraint aware embedded design in terms of cost, size, memory, performance and time to market.
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