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Effect of Serifeed a feed supplement enriched feed of silkworm Bombyx mori L. on its nutritional and economic parameters
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M. D. Ananda Kumar and Ann Sandhya Michael
feed supplement, serifeed, silkworm, cocoon, silk, silkworm
The feed supplement "SERIFEED" dusted (1g/sq.ft.) mulberry leaves were fed to the silkworm at four different levels in adult age. The experiment were carried during 5th instar, resulted increased ingesta in control, improved digesta even as larval weight, assimilation rate efficiency, efficiency of conversion of ingested food, efficiency of conversion of digested food, cocoon parameters and cocoon yield significantly increased in treated batches. Among the treated batches one time applied/day batch gave a significant increase in the thought-out parameters when compared with the control. The results of present study clearly designate the effectiveness of feed supplement ingredients on metabolic process and nucleic acid synthesis in silk gland cells there by improves the silk content in cocoon shell of silkworm. Bombyx mori. L, (Kolar Gold - PM X CSR2).
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